Toddlers, man. They run on a relentless source of energy that is highly unstable and prone to erratic outbursts, and their decision-making processes baffle even the most abstract thinkers amongst us.

“Hey, let’s steal a box of food coloring and use it to dye our hands up to our wrists so it looks like we are wearing permanent purple gloves!”

“I need to throw a tantrum at 2 am because it is absolutely imperative that I change out of my pajamas into a new t-shirt NOW!”

“Toilet tank lid? I want to pick it up and hold it!”

But while we are frustratedly cleaning up their messes, rubbing our sleepy eyes, and vacuuming up broken tank lid pieces, we are also treated to their refreshingly novel perspective of the world. Things to which we have long since become accustomed and jaded, are suddenly cool and amazing and exciting all over again – such as the humble tadpole.

The drainage ditch in our front yard carries a semi-permanent supply of rain water. This, along with the prolific supply of bugs, has made for a frog breeding ground paradise. Here they can rear their young and live their lives completely free of worry. Oh, except for the maniacal horde of net-wielding kids in the neighborhood that descends upon them every afternoon.

For hour upon scorching hot hour this past weekend, we sought and caught countless critters along the entire spectrum of tadpole to frog (except for the eggs). While I was panting in the heat and ready to call it quits, my kids were begging to keep going – even though they were past the point of exhaustion and crumbling into screaming tantrums.

Never had I seen them so fixated before. Not with the iPad. Not with the TV. Not with the 100,000 toys strewn across the playroom. Nothing manmade compared to the fascinating essence of God’s little tadpole.

Looking down at the little creatures we had captured, legs and tails in various stages of development, it struck me. This really is amazing. This is really creative. This…is a miracle of life. When did I forget that?

“… Through everything God made, [we] can clearly see his invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature ….” Romans 1:20 NLT

I don’t even have to leave my front yard for that Scripture to ring true.

So… not only do my toddlers coach me on unconditional love by generously granting me ample opportunities to forgive them, but they also manage to teach me a thing or two about appreciating God’s creation. Thanks kids!

– Nicolas C. Day

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